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Inclusio aims at developing products and services with high technological value with the purpose of supporting and including people who are not self-sufficient or in situations of social distress.

It wants to do this by developing new high-tech software applications, in which the users will use mobile or wearable devices and innovative technologies based on artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR), advancing the current state of the art in these areas to address the specific challenges of the application domain.


Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality software development

Scientific and technological consulting

Educational, didactic and informational activities development

Charitable, humanitarian and inclusive projects management

Design of research services

Calls and projects writing and compiling


INCLUDE makes our cities more inclusive, offering an innovative product for voluntary associations and social service agencies to monitor the growing demand for help by the most disadvantaged part of the population and provide a more efficient, targeted and coordinated intervention.

The number of charities ("non-profit institutions providing social assistance to disadvantaged people") is expanding at a growth rate higher than that of market-oriented enterprises (350000 organizations in Italy alone). To increase the efficiency of interventions, by optimising the allocation of resources and by providing voluntary associations and city agencies with means to monitor the demand for assistance and how it is addressed, improve their coordination and reduce costs for both types of social welfare institutions.

Exacerbated by Covid outbreak, there is a growing demand for food, medicine and basic care from the most disadvantaged part of the population, such as the elderly living alone, the homeless, families with disabled people, the unemployed. Through INCLUDE their needs are monitored and these people receive assistance in a more timely, efficient and personalized way, while the city has a more complete and updated view of the situation of this part of the population, to define more effective social policies.

INCLUDE integrates:
  • a tool for charity workers that uses a ML technique known as Online Machine Learning (OML) to automatically match requests for help from the users to human resources (volunteers); this tool is integrated with a mobile app for volunteers to be notified, manage the assigned service, and report interventions,
  • an info-display tool for managers of voluntary associations, based on users’ requests data, to monitor and analyze the status of the needs of the disadvantaged population they served,
  • a data analysis and visualization tool for city managers, which integrates data based on the demands of the most disadvantaged part of the population from the many charity institutions which use the INCLUDE tool; allows the city to monitor and analyze the evolution of needs, improving the decision-making process.

About us

Inclusio is an innovative startup with a social value, which intends to apply the new software, platforms and innovative services it has developed for inclusion and humanitarian purposes.

In parallel, it wants to create new service models and innovative ways of intervention to be used by charities, social and therapeutic support institutions, enabling more efficient support for people with special needs.

Fabrizio Renzi - Founder, President & CEO

He has always been involved in the management of technological research and in the creation of business models in an international and multicultural environment. He graduated at the Politecnico di Milano with a degree in Electronic Engineering and obtained a diploma from the International Executive Program of INSEAD in Paris and Singapore. He has worked for 30 years as Director of Research Technology and Innovation for IBM Italy, Central Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, fostering links between Italy and the rest of the world for a common technological development. Since 2017 he has been dealing in particular with open business innovation, connecting companies and startups to research laboratories around the world. Since November 2019 he carries on his passion for the development of young talents and innovative realities, independently, moving between Italy, the United States, Israel, China, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa.



Franca Garzotto - Research director

Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the Department of Electronics and Information of the Politecnico di Milano, where she is co-director of the HOC-Hypermedia Open Center Laboratory. Her research, mainly applied to the field of cultural heritage and computer-supported teaching and learning, focuses on methods and tools for modeling hypermedia ("stationary" and mobile) application, their sustainability, and human-computer interaction. She teaches at the Politecnico di Milano at both the Faculty of Industrial Design and the Faculty of Information Engineering. She also regularly holds tutorials and workshops on the topics of multimedia, usability, and design patterns at international conferences. Co-author of over 60 international scientific articles, Franca Garzotto has been a member of the scientific committees of the main national and international conferences on multimedia, web engineering, and human-computer interaction.



Matteo Marinelli

Innovation Consultant

Giulia Leonardi

Software Engineer

Stefano Cavallazzi

Chief Marketing Officer

Pietro Cusi

Marketing Strategist

Simone Ghiazzi

Software Engineer

Leonardo Guerra

Software Engineer

Simone Tartarotti

Software Engineer



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